(Update) New Link Full Video Uncensored Udaipur Tailor Kanhaiya Lal Murder | Nupur Sharma Viral On Youtube

Banggamembaca.comNew Link Full Video Uncensored Udaipur Tailor Kanhaiya Lal Murder | Nupur Sharma Viral On Youtube Hello guys, the vicious massacre of a derji in a hole in the afternoon in the Butmahal area of ​​Udaipur on Tuesday brought tension across the city as tensions rose in the area and Rajak’s chief peace minister, Ashok Gilo. .

10 days after similar posts were posted on social media in support of now-suspended BJP conversation master Nopur Sharma, Kunhai Lal, a 40-year-old derji, was beheaded by assailants at his booth, sparking widespread outrage among his friends. review of the messenger of God.

Within half an hour, groups across the state were banned for a month, and mobile Internet service was suspended for 24 hours. A curfew was imposed at 8pm pending further orders at 7 Udipur police station areas.

The raiders invaded Kanhaiya Lal’s booth out of necessity for clothing and just before he discovered there was a case, they attacked him with a scythe, severing his head. The accused went on to post the footage of the outrage online and took responsibility even though Gehlot’s comments encouraged everyone to refrain from sharing the shocking footage.

Local reports report that Kanhaiya Lal has received bluffs from people from the special community since he offered to support Nupur Sharma. He approaches the police who tell him to be careful but not to take any deterrence. The owner of the local shop, which closed today after the horrific massacre, said the new Kanhaya appeared today after 6 days of not opening a shop.

An encyclopedic police order was issued in the area, and shops were closed in 5 adjoining districts. The victim’s family criticized the atmosphere in the city and demanded balance.

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Video Full Uncensored Udaipur Tailor Kanhaiya Lal Murde

Local law collectors Chand Meena and SP Manoj Chaudhary visited the locals who were outraged by the massacre and the sanctions for their actions.

The film was made on social media and netizens were stunned, but centimeter Ashok Gehlot tweeted, “I swear at the insolent massacre of a young man in Udaipur. The actors will find the law and the police will find the evidence behind this incident. I call on all parties to protect the peace. Everyone who took part in this brazen massacre will receive the harshest possible punishment. ”

The minister’s vizier described the statement as “abnormally impudent” and said he was seeking help in maintaining harmony between the state and Udaipur community with the head of antagonism Gulab Chand Kataria in the state legislature. swamp grain.

Girouth improves if he has a state of tension and distrust in Inia.

“This is very sad and disgraceful. have tension in this country. I have repeatedly urged vizier Minister Narendra Modi and Minister of Home Affairs Amit Shah to reach out and lighten the mood… all the corners and paths are not solid. People are wary. the minister’s vizier should promote peace. want to help. “Ghilot vows that he will bring balance to the assassins of Kanhae Lal.दोनों ,

The minister’s vizier did not want to keep the killer alive and the police were once dispatched to apprehend him. He explained that the trial would be accelerated according to the country’s “breeder plan”.

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Link Full Video Uncensored Udaipur Tailor Kanhaiya Lal Murder

Meanwhile, a curfew was imposed in 7 areas of the Udaipur Police Station from 8 p.m. until the latest order on Tuesday.

Udaipur Tarachand Meena’s surau has issued orders to enforce a curfew in 7 police station areas in Dhan Mandi, Ghanta Ghar, Hathi Pole, Amba Mata, Suraj Pole, Bhupalpura and Savina. Viral Link movie Udaipur Tiktok & Udaipur massacre movie leaked on Twitter

The curfew will take effect from 8pm on Tuesday until further notice. however, those who took part in the meaningful service, students who followed the reprimand, and employees who took part in the probationary procedure were excluded. Meanwhile, the city’s mobile internet connection was also suspended. “A national alert was issued and secret GIs and SPs were called in to escalate patrols and movements as an evasion measure,” said Hawa Singh Ghumaria of ADG Law and projects. the actor gave the film.

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Close to 600 existing police officers, including 5 armed Rajasthani police, were sent to Odaipur, the chiefs said. police officers also migrated to the city.

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